My Every Day

Yep. Another attempt at a 365.

January 4, 2011 - LA with the Belly Dance Team and this baby

This was one of those days of new experiences and environments. The types of days that I look forward to. The types of experiences that I see myself doing for the rest of my life, as a job. Something that involves a lot of travel, interaction, and variety. 

Woke up early, like there was school and met the girls in front of Albertson’s. I had to ride with Sharon, Kaitlyn, and Kat (Kaitlyn’s mom and driver). I thought of the irony of being stuck with the people that I have the least interest and familiarity with in the team. I thought it was going to be an awkward ride but it was actually pretty nice because Kaitlyn played Dubstep all the way to LA and her mom oddly liked it. She was supposed to be a Harley Davidson biker chick but okay. 

We got there and got lost a couple of times, and there was a bridge where it was packed with the homeless with their dogs. The whole scene where you only see in pictures, living in Temecula. Now I know what suburbia means. This is the city and it gave me the eerie feeling of home. The graffiti, the trash, the homeless, the traffic, the heat, the atmosphere, and the smog. I felt the home feeling especially in Long Beach. Seeing the name typed out in white on that green board on the freeway, it felt as if a hand touched my soul pulling me in. 

Fashion District was heaven. There were so many cute items for a low price. If I lived in LA, me and my mother would always be there, I just know it. When Kaitlyn said “The people in LA scares me” It kind of annoyed me because.. I felt good around LA people. I felt like I was surrounded with hardworkers and people who have known real struggle and not the Winchester traffic that we Temeculans go through. I’m not saying that Temeculans don’t work hard and don’t experience problems, in LA it’s just a different grind. It also bugged me when the girls didn’t want to buy the street food (hotdog, tortillas, and other mxn food) and they rather bought Subway. 

After LA, we went to Naomi’s house which was another reflection of what I want to achieve in life in the future. They had a big, interracial family with three cute dogs. The color scheme of their house was very neutral and peaceful. Their backyard was amazing. It was full of vegetation, shade, a trampoline, and a nice feel in the air. There was a box that was painted with the three dog’s name which gave it a childhood fun feeling. 

Then went home and made love to this bowl. I can’t believe I actually bought one for 5 bucks. I always thought of getting my own but saw it as impossible but here it is. 

Then went night swimming. Another one of the most unforgettable sensations. Just swimming on my back and floating around, feeling the molecules of the water hit my body gently. Looking up at the stars.

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